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Welcome to an Elite Alpha Club of High Achievers.

Antilia Alpha Club is a group of Crypto and NFT degens willing to share their knowledge with a chosen few. We are on a mission to create a community of hyperactive people who want to change their lives and achieve more by investing less. 

We will provide you with NFT & Crypto Signals, WL spots, Trading & Analysis tools, Learning materials, and Live Training.

We believe  “Success Produces Success, Just as Money Produces Money.”

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Here’s what you get by Antilia Alpha Club

  • Daily analysis, reviews, & discussions.
  • Access to custom inbuilt Discord market analytics tools.
  • Access to a custom inbuilt Discord FOMO alert bots.
  • Whitelist allocations to big upcoming projects.
  • Automated Contract minter + secondary auto-buy sniper.
  • Sophisticated NFT rarity, quick buy, portfolio tracker extension.
  • Ping bots e.g. whale alerts, rug pull finder, certain nft people in the space.
  • Tools Channel.
  • Icy tools, nft calendar, moby alerts.
  • Access to educational courses.
  • Access to Job Postings in the crypto & nft world.
  • 1/1 discussion with experts.
  • Access to “Antilia” Node for Super fast transactions.
  • Exclusive guides on how and when to buy, flip and practically how to make money in this space with small amounts to almost zero risk.
  • And much more …

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Meet The Team

Mike Zillionaire

Mike Zillionaire

Crypto and NFT Degen have vast experience at Mozverse, NFT Brands Inc in market behavior and his slogan for success is to be Millionaires together


Community Manager
A 40 years Community Manager having vast experience at Momento and Ninja Promo in managing communities at a corporate level
Tan Vee

Tan Vee

Technical Analyst having vast experience in managing portfolios of multiple clients of Stocks, Crypto, Forex, and Commodities.


Partnership Manager
Blockchain enthusiast, ICOManagement, Helping to fund successful blockchain companies & decentralize the financial industry, Influencer, Partnerships Manager

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